Site Map

The map below shows the layout of the land. We hope this will help you find your accommodation upon arrival. Feel free to have a wander and enjoy the grounds. We kindly ask that you are mindful of the private areas which are the home of the Smith family.

If you need to contact us please can we ask that you ring or text rather than knock. Thank you

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Please don’t forget

When you leave your room please check the following:

  • The fridge and cupboards are empty and all rubbish is removed from the bin.
  • Ensure all rubbish is taken to external bins, blue is recycling and green for everything else (except glass)
  • Unfortunately we can’t recycle glass, so please take to local recycling point in Bamburgh
  • Check all wardrobes and drawers. Any left items will result in a £10 postage fee
  • Please don’t take any items from the room, they will be charged at a minimum of £10
  • Please strip all beds and leave in the room in the bag provided
  • Please report any broken fixture or fittings to the team.

Thank you!

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